Mining Industry Awards

The DRC Mining Industry Awards recognise excellence in mining and reward those
individuals and companies that have made a significant contribution to the industry and in
so doing have played a vital role in the re-emergence of the DRC.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an individual for achievements which have made an outstanding contribution to and impact on the DRC’s mining industry, whether from a public or private company or institution.

Mining Company of the Year

This award celebrates the mining company that overall has achieved top results in terms of output, cost savings, employee satisfaction, innovation, overall development contribution and growth of the sector in the DRC

Mining Woman of the Year

This is awarded to the woman who has made the most significant contribution to DRC’s mining industry. The recipient is a positive and inspiring role model to other women, someone with drive, determination, motivation and expertise in her chosen field.

Best Performer in Engineering

This is awarded to the EPCM company that has been involved with a mining project over the last two years and has exhibited the highest quality of engineering and design. The recipient of this award is recognised for effective study and/or project management skills, working within budget and deadline to provide their client with the most efficient mining and/or processing application.

Best Performer in Environmental Management

This award celebrates the accomplishments within the past year of a mining project or house that has implemented programmes that are excellent examples of the integration of environmental management into the core business strategy and continue to champion sustainable environmental practices.

Best Performer in Innovation

Award for the service provider that has rolled out state of the art mining technology and innovation creating production efficiency and streamlined processes.

Best Performer in Occupational Health and Safety

This award celebrates the mining project that has excelled in promoting a holistic health and safety culture, in compliance with regulations and standards.

Best Performer in Social Investment

This award celebrates the mining house that has excelled in implementing a clear social investment framework that provides a catalyst for development, namely one that establishes an agenda for the future; assesses priorities for development; ensures compatible land uses; resolves land use conflicts and engages local communities in CSR planning.