Conference Programme

iPAD DRC presents an unrivalled comprehensive conference programme and the opportunity to meet and network with mining industry experts and government officials. 

iPAD Indaba DRC Mining & Infrastructure Indaba is the only international event in the DRC bringing together local and international investors, the government and suppliers in the same objective: to stimulate the mining industry in the DRC

Thanks to 10 successful editions, iPAD has become the one forum for any individual or company wishing to establish themselves in the DRC, or to increase their promising operations.

The mining sector is changing and is subject to new geopolitical dynamics that could change the approach of investors and mining operators in their management.

Faced with sky-high prices for raw materials, the oil price around $ 70 per barrel, insufficient funding and Ebola, the mining sector must now reshuffle its cards and attract as much investment as possible.   
According to the Oxford Policy Management Group, the DRC, 3rd largest country on the continent, could see a transformation of its socio-economic environment, when it achieves "Africa Mining Vision".

Mineral and natural resources could weigh in the balance and contribute to 80% of FDI (Foreign Direct Investments), allowing the DRC to become transparent and a key actor in Sub Saharan Africa. With private capital, debt, new regulations and a new Mining Code in October 2015, the mining sector in the DRC should undergo structural changes in its funding as well as in the efficiency of its operations in the region.